Dear Issy,

Thought I would let you know that it’s been a month since I bought Cycle Trends and I’m quite happy. It has paid for itself a few times already.

Christo Smit

Dear Issy,

I want to thank you for the effort you put into the Cycle Trends program.

Last week I avoided a loss on a sizeable position. I have one word for your program.


Bruce W. Thompson

Dear Issy,

Congratulations my friend, your cycles were spot on.

This week your cycles told me to short the market. I have been lucky to have picked up about 60 points.


Dear Dr Bacher

After just 3 days of using Cycle Trends I have recovered the expense of the product with profits indicated by the tool. Cycle Trends is definitely a great tool for assisting Investors.

Many Thanks,

John L

Hi Issy

I have been a loyal Cycle Trends user since shortly after its initial launch and find it an invaluable part of my technical analysis toolset for trading equities on the JSE. The fairly recent additions of the SuperScan and Watchlist modules have really enhanced the usefulness of Cycle Trends for me as a short-term trader.

Thanks again and best regards.

Suzette Esterhuyse, Cape Town

“As I have a full time job as of 11 July, I have only been able to trade from about 6 pm of an evening until about 11 pm with interruptions during this time from my wife yelling “Come and have your supper”.

However she did allow me to trade most of the day on Women’s Day (9 Aug).

My results so far – 100% correct on 6 trades and took the following pips out of the market – 41, 22.5, 22.5, 23, 17.9 and 81.7, a total of 208.6 pips in 9 days of trading.
At this rate I will definitely recommend this system to all and sundry.”

Best regard
Alistair Thomson

“My portfolio has grown 25% since I started using Cycle Trends in August.”
Barry Malan

“When I started with the Cycle Trends FX software I could only afford 10 contracts. Now I am able to trade 200 contracts. I am not greedy and I trade very conservatively.

Every trade I open, I immediately set a “Take Profit” margin of 10 to 15 pips. I am making my R2,000 to R3,000 sometimes in 15 minutes but not longer than an hour.

Using this method – since mid July – I’ve made an average of 10 to 18 successful trades per month.”
S. Ezekiel

“In spite of the expensive and intensive trading education I received, without the added assistance of Cycle Trends – I would have never achieved the success I have. It has become my indispensable profit taking tool. By way of an example; in my eight trades this month I have had only one loss. That loss was entirely due to my own fault – if I had trusted my original analysis I would not even have made this loss.”

Les Eling

“Hi Issy

I have been using Cycle Trends for the past three months for my Forex trading and must say, its an absolute winner! I have turned a GBP10,000 account into a GBP14,800 account in just three months. I have not lost a trade since I started using Cycle Trends! Extraordinary software!”

Kind Regards
Graham Atkinson