CycleTrends Plus (add-on)


For more than 20 years, CycleTrends has been used by many thousands as a stand-alone charting application. Now, it is available as an add-on to MetaStock, the world’s leading charting and technical analysis software program.

MetaStock® provides powerful experts, system checks, and explorations to help with trading decisions – while CycleTrends analyses the cyclic nature of currencies and stocks to determine the historic trend, define the current trend, and forecast the future trend. Combining the power of MetaStock with the power of CycleTrends gives you the best of both worlds!

MetaStock®, then a wholly owned company of Thomson Reuters, approached CycleTrends in February 2012 to provide an Add On using our Cycle Indicators.

This combination now gives MetaStock users the advantage of having the very accurate Cycle Indicators to give them an edge in their trading.

CycleTrends users in turn have access to the best news, real time data, and company research in the industry.

The association with MetaStock allows CycleTrends users to use Technical Analysis to:

  • Identify better trading strategies through whole-market scanning,
  • Get real-time up-to-the-second advice and alerts on stocks they are interested in, and
  • Test strategies to help them find great entry and exit strategies in the market.

Cycle Trends Plus

Facts About MetaStock

  • Used by over 309,000 customers in 90 different countries
  • Previously owned by Thomson-Reuters for the last 5 years; prior to that owned by Reuters for the last 15 years
  • Established in 1982
  • Rated best software in its price category by Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine (twenty years running)
  • Has the ability to back test the market, scan for trade setups, and display real time expert advice and alerts based on trade setups
    • And much more!

MetaStock Power Tools available to CycleTrends users:

  • The Expert Advisor
  • The Explorer


Expert Advisor™

The Expert Advisor™ is an educational tool helping you interpret technical analysis signals. In the CycleTrends Add On it is interpreting the signals from the cycle indicators.

The MetaStock Expert Advisor’s Commentaries and Buy and Sell signal attachment have added an extra dimension to the successful use of the CycleTrends indicators to trade and invest in shares etc. on financial markets.

The Commentaries generated by the Expert Advisor are astonishing in their ability to give an accurate assessment of each indicator.

The indicators are used in 5 different templates.

These Templates have a function at different periods in a shares move as it responds to the data it is receiving from the market.

The commentary deals with each indicator giving a judgement whether it is giving a positive or negative signal.

At the end of the commentary there is a final summary giving an opinion whether the share should be bought or sold or just left alone.

The Explorer™

Finding profitable trading opportunities starts with scanning the markets for securities that meet your criteria. With how vast the markets are, this is an overwhelming and next to impossible task on your own. However, MetaStock’s built-in search tool, The Explorer™ makes it quick and simple.

Tell the Explorer™ what you’re looking for. For example, you want stocks that have just crossed above their 200 day moving average. The Explorer™ searches thousands of securities to instantly find those that match this description. Or you want stocks that have cycles pointing in a positive direction.

After this, you could run The Explorer™ again to drill down further in this list and find securities matching whatever specific criteria you’re looking for.

You can also use The Explorer™ to generate a list of potential money-makers, find the biggest gainers, the most active stocks, or generate daily buy and sell signals.

The Explorer™ does the tedious, time-consuming work for you so you can make informed decisions quickly and with little effort.

With the real time package, users can also get data from Thomson-Reuters. Thomson-Reuters is unparalleled in their depth of coverage on news and companies, you can learn more here.

Thomson Reuters Eikon is the new Real time Data service powered by Thomson Reuters. TR spent over $1Billion Dollars creating this product for all of its retail and institutional markets.



In-depth look at CT-Plus

CycleTrends Plus is available as an Add-On for all editions of MetaStock (version 12 or later), or as a combined package with MetaStock (Daily Charts or Real Time)

Cycle Trends Plus Add-On: $499

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