The theory behind Cycle Trends is that all financial markets move in cycles. Cycle Trends is programmed to find genuine cycles that persist and have repeated themselves in the past. Because they have persisted in the past logically they will persist in the future and can therefore be used for forecasting. It […]

The Theory Behind Cycle Trends

Back Testing a currency or share is done for the following reasons: Firstly it gives you the ability to test your analysis of a share or currency by viewing an historical chart exactly as it would have displayed at an earlier date and/or time, disregarding any price data after that […]

Back Testing with Cycle Trends Live

It is important to understand how the market works, why it is such a good market to trade on and how prices are quoted. In addition to being the largest financial market it is also the most liquid. Liquidity is important as it means that buyers and sellers are matched very […]

Forex Trading – Market Basics and Overview