The basics of using Cycles and Technical Analysis with CycleTrends to trade Forex (and Equities)

issy resizedMy name is Issy Bacher and it’s my very great pleasure to be able to talk you through the Cycle Trends program – and to demonstrate and teach you all the basics that you need to trade with success on the Forex markets.

If you’ve never traded currencies before, let me tell you: the Forex markets are an incredibly exciting place to earn a living.  One of the most brilliant things about this is that you can do it from home – in comfort, at a time that suits you, with next to no overhead costs!

And let me assure you right out front: This program is not aimed specifically at professional investors – it requires virtually no prior knowledge of the markets on your part. All that you will need to know, you will find out over the course of this tutorial.

What you have to remember is that the Cycle Trends Software does virtually everything for you. Once you have decided on the currency it’s literally a case of looking at four boxes- and if they tally up with a strong trigger, you buy or sell. It really is as simple as that.

Cycles are the core of the program. We will go into this later in this blog series. Everything else – all of the other technical indicators I’m going to tell you about – merely exist to corroborate what the cycle graphs are telling you about the future movement of the market you’ve got your eye on.

We all like as much supporting evidence as possible before we make important decisions—especially where our money is concerned ! And that’s the beauty of Cycle Trends. You have the basic four boxes – and if you need more back up you can call as much as you need.


I have been a professional trader and market analyst since 1983 and have lectured around the world on the techniques of trading and investing in the financial markets since 1996.

Cycle Trends changed my life for the better so there’s no reason it can’t do the same for you!

So I assure you – you’re in good hands. And don’t forget – if you get stuck at any time, my support team will be more than happy to assist you.

My goal during this series is to first give you the basics of the markets, then talk you through all of the indicators, patterns and techniques so that you’ll be well set up to beat the markets and earn money from your knowledge!

The Forex markets provide signals every minute of every day developing chart patterns and cycles.

These patterns and cycles will tell you what the market is liable to do next.

I will also provide a Forex Trading platform where you can start trading .It will allow you to first paper trade in a demo account and then do live trades.

The beauty of the Forex markets is: you don’t need many thousands of pounds, dollars or Rands of trading capital to get you started! Whatever amount you want to trade the principles are the same!

Whatever amount you choose to trade, I’ll ensure that you know all about risk. My post on money management will give you all the information you need to ensure that you keep your level of risk to an absolute minimum.

Even successful traders have losses but the key to successful trading is to use money management to limit your losses and I will show you how to use different stop loss techniques to achieve this.

Stop Loss is simply an order that you place in the market when you open a trade that automatically limits your losses. We deal in detail with the techniques in the CD on Exit Strategies and Money Management

And you’ll also learn – as difficult as this may sound – to remove emotion from your decision making process.


ctlogoCycle Trends is 100% systematic. There are no “gut feelings”, “hunches” or “off days”… All of the conclusions it draws are taken from masses of empirical and historical price data. Emotion is the biggest enemy of the trader. The secret to success is trust the system and not give in to emotions such as greed and fear!

For example, if the market is moving to new peaks, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should rush in and buy, Cycle Trends might tell you the opposite: that you should think of selling – or at least hold and wait for now.

In the sea of panic that is sometimes the Forex and the financial markets, Cycle Trends can be your own personal life-raft!

You will learn when to take profits and when to hold. When you boil it down, all you’re talking about is a succession of calculated business decisions.  Remove emotion from the equation and trust the program!


Okay, that’s hopefully put your mind at rest. Now let me tell you what I’m going to cover over the coming weeks….

Firstly, if your knowledge of the markets is non-existent – or a bit rusty – I’ll bring you up to speed with a basic introduction to the Forex market. Then I’ll explain all about how the Cycle Trends program works.

I’ll go through how you use the cycle and technical indicators and the supporting tools that make up this wonderful program. I’ll do this all slowly, carefully, and in a step by step fashion.

At the same time you will be shown how to install the live data that feeds into the program.

Then we come to the most important section on cycle analysis and how the cycle indicators actually generate buying and selling opportunities. I’ll show you each indicator in turn and explain how to use them.

In the next section I’ll look at the very important techniques of using trend lines and patterns to show trend changes

And then we come to the post puts all the techniques you have learnt into practise and that’s exactly the subject of the section: “How to take what you’ve learned about cycles and technical indicators and put it into practice”. This is where we show you the techniques of finding entry levels for your trade and then how to exit out of winning trades.

This is where you will really see your trades come to life

Finally, you’ll learn all about how to manage your money as you trade so that you keep your losses to a minimum. While trading currencies is one of the greatest tools for building up wealth, the process of buying and selling them is not without risk.